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Keller Clinic -  Tutoring, Educational and Psychological Services

Academic Consulting

Middle and high school experience can be challenging for many students, even the most talented and gifted. Course requirements, heavy homework loads, before and after school activities and college-bound expectations can be daunting.  While most students negotiate and secondary school experience well, an increasing number are faced with stress related to organizational and planning problems, performance and test anxiety and poor achievement motivations.  Despite their best intentions, they are unable to reach their potential.


At Keller Clinic we believe that some students need a helping hand.  That is why we provide academic consulting services.  Our professional school counselors work with students to:


  • Improve their organizational skills

  • Make the best of homework time

  • Set realistic goals

  • Improve time management skills

  • Develop strategies for relieving and managing anxieties

  • Make the high school experience a challenging, positively memorable and enjoying one

  • Develop realistic goals for college

  • Match the students’ skills, abilities and desires with appropriate potential colleges and universities

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