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Virtual Homework Club

Let Us Help You Manage Your Students Success Virtually!


With the pandemic, being able to virtually connect your students to licensed professionals who can help with homework is more important than ever. Furthermore, after school programs for student support are essential especially with the rigorous student schedules that our children have today. This program aims to encourage student responsibility and take the fight out of homework.

Supervised by Melody Moore, M.A., Ed. over Zoom, Keller Clinic's Virtual Homework Club aims to help students by:

  • Aiding with homework in a structured and supportive environment

  • Removing the stress and strain arising from parent/child interactions at home

  • Teaching them how to focus

  • Helping a student maximize potential

  • Assisting with goal setting and follow-through

  • Instituting a high level of responsibility and commitment


Hours of Program Operation:

5-6 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays



For more information and to get started, call Keller Clinic at (248) 338-1700 or email Susan at

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