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Keller Clinic -  Tutoring, Educational and Psychological Services

HSPT, SSAT, Subject Tests

and more.

Keller Clinic works one-on-one to assist students in preparation for various standardized tests including:


Support in all subjects: GED:Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Art Reasoning.  We focus on strategies that fit each unique individual.


This program is for 8th-grade students desiring to enter a parochial high school.  We offer support in all major skill areas: verbal skills, quantitative skills, reading, mathematics HSPT: and language.  Sessions are all individualized to meet each students unique needs


SSAT:   Students wishing to be admitted to an independent school must take the SSAT.  We offer support at all grade levels.  Sessions are tailored to individual students needs.  We offer assistance in all subject areas including writing, mathematics, reading comprehension, and verbal sections.


IB Subject Tests:  Students that are interested in obtaining a prestigious diploma focusing on international studies are required to pass IB Subject Tests.  Keller Clinic offers test preparation in the following areas; English languages, mathematics, science, history.



SAT Subject Tests:  Keller Clinic prepares students for SAT subject tests in the following areas:  Chemistry, French, Literature, Mathematics, Spanish, U.S. History and World History.




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