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Ask Dr. Parker


One of the consequences of containing the Corona Virus and the closing of most schools in the United States, has been the opportunity that each student from kindergarten through college now has the opportunity to be home-schooled, an experience that up to now was afforded to only a small percentage of children.


In this first week of home schooling, both parents and children are learning the ropes.  They must begin to acclimate to the varied responses being offered.  Some have been given daily packets to complete, others work on computer-based programs and still others have real-time classes in which they can participate on their lap-tops, tablets and cell phones.


Some students are expected to work independently as their parents are at work, some have their parents peering over their shoulders as they complete their lessons some are doing everything they can to make the time part of an early and extended vacation.


We are definitely in uncharted territory.  What may seem to be new and exciting in the beginning may begin to lose its luster after several weeks of the daily grind.  In addition, most lessons students will have little opportunity to ask for individualized help when faced with difficulties with assigned tasks.  Experience has taught us over the years that parents for all their best intentions often do not make the best teacher assistants.  What is meant to be a supportive session, often turns into a stressful one.


One solution for helping the struggling student is to have him/her work with a tutor.  In the immediate past most tutoring was live and person to person.  At least for the immediate future that is no longer possible.  Keller Clinic, which has been in operation for more than 30 years, has veteran teachers who can spend an hour with your child offering assistance and support that is keyed to the exact problems being faced.  Each of our tutors have classroom experience and have a ready toolbox to meet the challenge.  Our team of teachers have expertise in any grade level from elementary to secondary school and in any subject matter.  Appointments can be scheduled seven days a week at a time that is convenient for the child.


In addition, as your high school Junior is wondering what to do during all the new free time that has suddenly appeared in his his/her life, we also offer individualized and targeted classes to help them do their best on upcoming SAT and ACT examinations


Please feel free to contact Keller Clinic through our website at to find out how we might be helpful during these challenging times.


May we soon be able to get back to our regular schedules in health and again enjoy the actual, in-person, face to face presence of others.

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