Keller Clinic -  Tutoring, Educational and Psychological Services
Keller Clinic -  Tutoring, Educational and Psychological Services

Elementary Age Reading Support 

for Grades K-6

Our goal at each session is to help your child develop the skills they need to become fluent readers for life.  We do this by engaging them in various materials such as books, interactive lessons and games that will help them develop a love of reading.



All reading sessions are tailored to meet your child's needs and focus on building 5 core reading skills:



Phonemic Awareness – identifying and working with individual sounds in spoken words.


Phonics – understanding the relationships between written letters and spoken sounds.


Sight Words – recognizing high-frequency words to increase reading fluency.


Vocabulary - expansion of vocabulary and construction of meaning from a word's context.


Reading Comprehension – developing a variety of reading strategies with the larger goal of strong comprehension.

Elementary Math Support

for Grades K-6


We encourage each of our students to learn the love of math.  Our tutors work with students to reduce math anxiety, build confidence and present mathematical challenges through a variety of learning techniques such as play activities, story problems, technology, and real-life math applications. 


All math Sessions are tailored to meet your child's needs and focus on building the following skills:


Counting – recognizing numbers, sequencing and unitizing.


Measurements – identification of the standard units of measurement including weight, height, and volume.


Addition – understanding the relationship between counting and adding whole numbers.


Subtraction - the process of taking away one number or quantity to find the difference.


Multiplication - learn how to multiply integers, decimals, and fractions.


Division - developing the skills needs to divide whole numbers into smaller parts.


Fraction - understanding that a fraction is a number that represents part of a whole number. 


Geometry - study of shapes and space.