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Keller Clinic -  Tutoring, Educational and Psychological Services

IEP's & 504's


Special Education/504 Advocacy


Keller Clinic is excited to offer this new service for parents who are experiencing challenges in navigating through the educational maze to get the support needed for their child. Whether your child is in general or special education, understanding the nuances of the educational system can be a bit overwhelming and confusing at times. Our goal is to provide insights, analysis and strategies to aid parents through two options:


Option I: Consultation


  • Analyze medical/neurological documentation and all diagnostic files.

  • Review school reports, report cards, and formal assessments.

  • Observation of child in the classroom setting if deemed necessary.

  • Conference with parents and develop strategic negotiation plans before and after meetings.

  • Communicate via phone or email as the need develops. 



Option II: Direct Advocacy


  • Attend the IEP/504 meetings as your advocate.

  • Review school reports, report cards, formal assessments in preparation for meeting.

  • Conference calls and emails prior to meeting.

  • Work in partnership and collaboration with school district personnel before and after meeting.

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