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Content Tutoring Grade 7-12


One-on-one tutoring is available for all ages and subjects: Reading, Writing, English, History, Math, and Foreign Languages. Our tutors work both on course content and on subject-specific learning skills, teaching students the essential disciplinary structure unique to each subject so they can continue to excel in the academic area even after they no longer receive tutoring.


Speed Reading/Study Skills


We specialize in providing students with tutoring and specific academic skills that promote success in middle school and high school. In particular, we emphasize:


  • Effective study skills, including how to prepare for tests, and how to organize assignments and notes efficiently

  • Expository writing skills, teaching students how to write well organized, well-argued essays

  • More importantly, we teach students to transfer all of these skills to actual textbooks and other school materials.

  • Speed reading and/or reading comprehension improvement.

  • How to Manage Your Time

  • How to Outline Your Textbooks

  • How to Take Notes

  • How to Prepare for Exams

  • How to Take Exams

  • Developing Good Study Habits

  • Developing Proper Study Techniques

  • Developing a Practical Plan for the Coming School Year

  • Speed Reading (Reading Efficiency)

  • Basic Speed Reading

  • Advanced Speed Reading Including Skimming and Scanning

  • Transferring the Four Levels of Reading (Casual Reading, Careful Reading, Speed Reading, and Skimming/Scanning) to Text Books and Other School Materials


Basic & Advanced English Skills

For Grades 7-12 


At Keller Clinic you will find knowledgeable and passionate English tutors with excellent communication and listening skills.  We support students on many subjects  depending on what your student is currently studying. Some of these include English, Honors English, AP Literature, AP Language, Creative Writing, Reading Comprehension, and much more. Keller Clinic tutors work with students to identify areas where they may need improvement, learn to utilize new techniques and develop critical reading skills. The focus of attention will be based on the individual needs of the student.


  • Grammar

  • Usage

  • Punctuation

  • Capitalization

  • Sentence Structure



Basic Writing Skills

For Grades 7 – 12


Our tutors share their passion of writing with students to develop cohesive written expression. We emphasize the writing process, assist with essays, research, brainstorming, proofreading, and organizing ideas. The focus of attention will be based on the individual needs of the student.


Grades 7-9:

  • Grammar

  • Spelling

  • Capitalization

  • Sentence fluency

  • Developing a voice on paper

  • Critical thinking


Grades 10-12:

  • Writing mechanics

  • Spelling

  • Sentence structure

  • Capitalization

  • Sentence fluency

  • Writing strategies

  • Communicating ideas clearly on paper

  • Sourcing

  • Writing an argument

  • Critical thinking


Arithmetic & Mathematics

Grades 7-12


Keller Clinic tutors share their love of math by working with students on developing common core math strategies. Sessions focus on assisting with building skill levels, improving confidence, test readiness, and addressing individual student needs.


Middle School/Junior High Level:

  • Operations: Multiplication & Division

  • Story Problem Strategies

  • Pre-Algebra

  • Fractions

  • Geometry

  • Numerical Reasoning

  • Percentages

  • Decimals


High School Math:

  • Business Math

  • Algebra I & II

  • Plane & Analytical Geometry

  • Trigonometry

  • Calculus




Grades 7-12


Keller Clinic tutors are innovative and experienced educators with a passion for everything relating to Science. They offer a wide range of support including writing lab reports, balancing chemical equations to understanding projectile motion. Whether you need to finish a homework assignment, prepare for an exam, or are just interested in learning more, we are here to support you.


  • Physical Science

  • Environmental Science

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

  • Physics

  • AP & Honors Science Courses

  • Calculus


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