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Keller Clinic Summer Tutoring Programs

Summer Tutoring Programs

Keller Clinic offers one-on-one comprehensive, single-session subject-specific diagnostic assessments for $75.  The $75 fee will be rolled into prepaid packages purchased for 10 sessions.



Arithmetic and Mathematics K-12

Comprehensive math programs and operations for students of all ages from elementary, middle to secondary and college levels. Strengthen your core math skills this summer.  One-on-one sessions designed to meet your specific mathematical needs.

Reading Skills K-12

Improving performance in necessary skills including decoding, phonetics, comprehension, inferences, main idea, drawing conclusions, contextual clues, sequencing, analogies and speed.  Assist with required reading emphasizing analysis of themes, characters and literary devices.

Biology & Chemistry

One-to-one summer Biology and Chemistry review and enrichment for high school students that want to stay ahead of the game.

Writing Courses

Explore the writing process: Brainstorming, thesis, outline and essay. Further emphasis will be placed on proofreading and revising in order to write a polished paper. Information regarding different types of essays (Argumentative, Expository, Narrative and Creative) will be explored.

Spanish & French Tutoring

Learn a foreign language or brush up on your skills this summer.  We offer one-on-one tutoring to middle school and high school students in need of beginner, intermediate, or advanced support with grammar, writing, and conversational French and Spanish.


Improve basic handwriting and build fine motor skills.

Summer Speed Reading Series

Speed reading is an essential tool for middle and high school students.  This class will enable the student to read faster and maintain great comprehension.  This technique will greatly enhance a student’s ability to spend less time on reading texts, novels or any written material.

4 program sessions

Session 1:  Review types of reading: passive, active, subvocalizing. Teach reading techniques.  Complete timed reading to know student’s reading rate or words per minute and comprehension.

Session 2:  Review reasons why reading tool is essential.  Timed reading with review of reading rate and comprehension.

Session 3:  Evaluate reading speed and comprehension to determine which skills need enrichment.

Session 4:  Implement timed reading with review of reading rate and comprehension. Focus on any critical reading skills that require enrichment.


Scared of Shakespeare? Let’s tackle a play together this July!

Small group setting to read a play out-loud in a 5-week course meeting 2 times per week. Focus on reading strategies and how to analyze/ decode Shakespearean text. (10 sessions)


Summer Reading for Middle School or High School readers

Developing a solid foundation in reading before high school is fundamental to successfully mastering reading skills.  We will read a book focusing on analysis, reading strategies and write a paper.  Individual or group setting (3-5 students). 

Study Skills Series

Students of all ages need to know which study skills are appropriate for them based on their individual learning styles.  Students will explore which learning methods apply and the study skills that are invaluable for comprehension, studying and taking tests, as well as managing time.


4 program sessions

Session 1:  Analyze learning style using Inventory.  Explain importance of multi-sensory approach to learning.

Session 2:  The student will know which study techniques and memory devices fit with learning style.

Session 3:  Test-taking methods

Session 4:  Organization and time management


College Application Series

With college imminent, students will have the opportunity to brainstorm ideas for the college application essay.  Through the writing process, they will be able to proofread and revise the essays to the polished state that college counselors want.

4 program sessions

Session 1:  Decide on the prompts to use to finalize your specific topic.  Organize list of top school choices and review their requirements and due dates.

Session 2:  Brainstorm ideas for essays.  Analyze if essay can work for other college applications.

Session 3:  Proofread and revise essay.  Revise format to meet other essay requirements.

Session 4:  Revise essay to polished level.

College and/or Career Exploration

Meet with an academic counselor to develop an individualized plan for college success and/or career exploration. 4 program sessions


Working Towards IEP Goals

Meet with an academic counselor to continue working on IEP goals during summer months to prepare for fall and start the school year strong! 4 to 6 program sessions


$600 for 10 sessions (All Tutoring, College Application Series, Study Skills, Summer Math / Reading / Writing / Shakespeare / Career Exploration, Speed Reading, Handwriting, IEP Goals)

$325 for 5 sessions (All of the above)

$70 individual sessions (All of the above)

$75 diagnostic assessments



Keller Clinic students benefit from a one-on-one test preparation approach.  Our 10-session program allows us to determine your adolescent’s strengths and weaknesses, and concentrate on improving scores in all subject areas, preparing your student for test day.  Studies indicate students receiving individualized attention correlates to improved strategies and therefore higher test scores overall.

Our focus builds confidence and reduces anxiety in an organized approach to standardized test taking skills.  Our techniques and strategies aim to improve an array of necessary skills, including reading comprehension, math concepts, science data, essay writing, and analytical abilities, utilizing pretests and full practice tests.


$650.00 for 10 sessions (Reading, Math, Writing, Science)

$350.00 for 5 sessions (Reading, Math, Writing, Science)

$75.00 individual sessions


Call (248) 338-1700 to enroll.  All sessions in this series are taught one-on-one and can be tailored to meet your student’s specific needs.  Sessions are scheduled at your convenience.

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