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Counseling Services

Keller Clinic -  Tutoring, Educational and Psychological Services



45/55 minute clinical hour one-on-one confidential sessions
55-75 minute group therapy sessions


Educational and Behavioral Therapy for ASD and Developmental Disabilities

Behavioral Early Intervention, Social Skill Development
60-minute clinical hour one-on-one confidential sessions and Family Support


Marital/Premarital Therapy and Training

Four Stage Model: Communication, Expectations, Values and Growing Together

45-55 minute clinical hour one-on-one confidential sessions
45-55 minute clinical hour dyad sessions


Family Therapy

Ten Leveled Module tailored to individual family needs: Communication, Trust, Identifying Feelings, Self-Defeating Behaviors, Stress, Family Relationship Building, Change, Triggers and Symptoms, Responsibilities & Individual Rights, and Leisure & Maintenance


Divorce Counseling

Grief and Loss Modules: Managing Anger & Depression, Moving Toward Acceptance and Communication
Mediation referrals and individual counseling
Family and Individual Therapy




Systematic Desensitization
Process Identification and Acceptance
Family and Individual Therapy


Bi-Polar Disease

Early Detection and Treatment
Family and Individual Therapy


Dual Diagnosis

Treatment of Co-existing disorders
Family and Individual Therapy



Identification and acceptance of self
Support and encouragement with groups and family
Family and Individual Therapy



Identification and assessment of suicidal issues including action steps for families

Family and Individual Therapy

Career Guidance

Progressive education, guiding individuals through personal, social and moral development


Behavioral Management

Understanding and awareness of individual behavior and how it impacts self and others

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